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To remain in step with the fast changing technology, the Research & Development division is constantly engaged in quality upgrades. Regularly updated, responsible, and sustainable cleaner production technologies are employed.


The Production Planning & Control department works in tandem with the Inland and Overseas wings of the Marketing department to ensure correct and timely shipments.

Work Environment

Clean, congenial and commensurate environment keeps the work force motivated. Workers’ participation in goal setting makes them exceptionally self-driven.

Human Resource

Recruitment and training hinges on the principle of right man for the right job on agreeable terms. On-job training, orientation training and HRD training are continuing processes.

Product Realisation

The processes and machinery employed are consistent with the Quality Management System in place. Periodical customer feedback on quality, level of satisfaction and servicing of complaints is relied upon as a regular input for improvement.

Business Strategy

To keep ahead of the competition the company gainfully draws upon emerging technologies, stays engaged in its endeavour to add value, and keeps a close watch on its costs.

A Cut Above

In customer relations, the company prefers to stay a shade different from the rest. By internalising the phenomenon called customer it relies on his feedback. Many of its innovations are born in such a co-operative environment. ‘Aap ne sujhaayi, hum ne banaayi’ meaning ‘we made it exactly as per your suggestion’ has been its advertising refrain. The company encourages and suitably acknowledges such inputs.


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